Distinguished several times by Government Entities, TCO Group has been acclaimed by its fine performance and success. In addition to consistent international significance and recognized merit, these awards also represent a milestone in inspiring and encouraging corporate growth.

The group earned the 2006 Personality Award, the Best National Carrier, in 2007, and the Best Fuel Consumer and Carrier, through the largest petrol station in Mozambique.

On a personal level, Carlos Oliveira, the Group´s Chief Officer, was honoured as the Best Entrepreneur in the Centennial of the City of Beira, and also as the Figure of the Year in 2007, by a unanimous vote of entrepreneurs in the city of Beira.

It is also important to highlight the participation of the TCO Group in the seminar on the 26th anniversary of the Institutionalization of the Compulsory Social Security System in Mozambique, with the motto "Modernize to Better Serve". Furthermore, TCO Group was also awarded the Diploma of Merit by the Provincial Governor of Sofala, Dr. Helena Taipo, in recognition for the regularity of the contribution to Social Protection of its workers and dependents.

It is this enterprising, dynamic and persistent approach of TCO Group that has made the company stand out, with a pivoting priority of creating conditions for sustained economic, social and environmental development.