CONSTROL is a heavy equipment rental company, which also holds permits for construction of roads, bridges and other types of projects related to the industry construction.

From early on, CONSTROL has stand out by winning several awards for subcontractors’ partnerships with companies like Construtora do Tâmega, in the north of the country – for building roads; and Mota and Companhia, in Niassa - Rio Lúrio, also in northern Mozambique - in the areas of deforestation, landfills and land transport. These accomplishments have allowed CONSTROL to establish itself in the market and to make several investments with its own funds, in the acquisition of heavy equipment, depending on the requests that arose. Equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, cylinders, graders, tipper trucks, are now part of the wide range of machines of the company.

CONSTROL has been following a trajectory of consecutive awards in the scope of building work for the construction of accesses to railroads. CDN - Northern Development Corridor Company – has validated this work, which has allowed CONSTROL to continue to invest in new equipment, such as trucks and other types of machinery.

This new equipment allowed the company to meet the demand for the services awarded.

CONSTROL is thus in a spirit of entrepreneurship, with an aim to overcome all the adversities that current economic situations bring. To be up to the market challenges and bet on new equipment is the path CONSTROL has chosen to follow.